What is It?

What is a hyperlink node?  It's a fancy sounding term for any collection of web links.  It sounds better than - clumps of links.  20 years ago this would have been a directory of directories, but today directories are few and far between.

This project grew out of an idle post I made on the subject, but the idea stayed with me.  I am not sure it has utility, but I can see it being used for discovery of new websites and for surfing the web again.

In any event, this gives me a place to bookmark a hyperlink node when I find it and share it with the public.

Submit Listing

You can help out, anyone can submit a listing for review and inclusion. It can be your own or something you found on the web.


If you do use this directory I would love to hear how you you use it.  You can drop me a line using the contact form. Thanks!